A DOG'S PURPOSE -- Released January 27th, 2017
from Amblin Entertainment

Yes, A Dog’s Purpose is now available on DVD!

Watch the trailer: 


   A Dog's Way Home 

   From Sony Pictures, Worldwide Release January 11, 2019




MUFFIN TOP -- Released by Mar Vista Entertainment, November 2014

Written by W. Bruce Cameron and Cathryn Michon
Directed by Cathryn Michon 
Produced by W. Bruce Cameron, Cathryn Michon, and Tom Rooker
Based on the novel The Grrl Genius Guide to Sex (with other people) by Cathryn Michon

You know how they say the dinosaurs were just living their lives, going to dinosaur cocktail parties and dinosaur PTA meetings, and then one day BAM an asteroid hits and changes everything?

That’s what turning 40 was like for Suzanne Nicholson.  A college professor on the tenure track, she was injecting herself with hormones (and feverishly gaining weight as a result) to try to get pregnant when, on her 40th birthday, her husband announces he’s leaving her.  For another woman.  A younger, thinner woman.  His assistant.  Who is pregnant with his child.

What would you do under these circumstances?  

Well, probably not what Suzanne does.

Learn more about the film on our facebook page, or visit the website:  


   COOK OFF! -- Released by Lionsgate November 2017

   Written by W. Bruce Cameron, Cathryn Michon & Wendi Mclendon-Covey
   Directed by Guy Shalem and Cathryn Michon
   Produced by W. Bruce Cameron

   When one of the oldest food conglomerates decides to increase their prize for their annual cook off to one million dollars, desperate, loony people enter what will turn out to be knockdown, drag-out, crazy fight to the finish!

This mockumentary-style feature comedy, in the style of Best in Show, has an ensemble cast of some of America's greatest comic talents, including Oscar nominee Melissa McCarthy from Bridesmaids, and stars of such hits as Napoleon Dynamite, Office Space, Reno 911, Curb your Enthusiasm, and many more.

Come. Sit. Stay.

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